What equipment and services do I need?

What IP phones are offered with Voice Exchange?

Depending on your requirements the Voice Exchange service is supplied with phones suitable for all business types.

What type of Internet connection is required?

Voice Exchange will work with almost all Broadband connections in the UK however we do recommend to use an ISP that offers a business class Internet service (higher quality, lower contended network) We also recommend using products with a 20:1 contention or better.

Can I transfer my current business number(s) to Voice Exchange?

Yes, you can transfer your current business number(s) to Voice Exchange, or you may also obtain new numbers for your business. The Voice Exchange package includes a direct dial number for each phone.


How do I transfer my existing phone numbers to Voice Exchange?

You will need to complete a Letter of Authorization form. This form will enable us to transfer your existing numbers from your current provider. Please DO NOT cancel your phone service with your current provider if you wish to keep your existing numbers. We will act on your behalf to ensure all the necessary steps are taken to transfer your phone numbers to Voice Exchange.

How long does it take to set up Voice Exchange?

The setup and installation process may take 7-10 working days. If telephone numbers are being ported the process maybe slightly longer.


What is the Voice Exchange web portal and how can it be used to manage phone settings?

The Voice Exchange web portal is a web-based interface that allows administrators and users to manage their respective phone options. This web management tool allows Administrators to access and manage user extensions through a simple web-based interface. Users can access the Portal with their own personal login details and control their phone setup. Configurable options include caller ID, call forwarding, failover and more. No technical skills are required.

How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your voicemail using the following four methods:

How do I change my voicemail message?

Dial 800 from your phone, enter your password and listen to the options to record a new message. Please see the Voice Exchange User Guide provided to you for additional phone options.

Can I check my voicemail if I am away from the office?

Yes. To check your voicemail when you are away from the office, dial the Voicemail number as indicated on your Portal login and listen to the options to check your voicemail. Please note that you will need to enter your Voice Exchange login code to access your options. Please see the Voice Exchange User Guide provided to you for more information.

What happens to my telephone service if my broadband goes down?

You will not be able to use the service in event of broadband failure or a power outage. Our system will automatically detect if your Handset disappears (e.g due to a Broadband failure) and if enabled will automatically redirect all inbound calls to nominated telephone number such as a PSTN line or Mobile. During a broadband failure outgoing calls can still be made from alternative phones such a mobile phones, or analogue phones connected to a traditional PSTN line.