How does it work?

In this example, ABC Company has three locations. These could be either offices or home workers with a live Broadband connection

Our Main Office based in Southampton has 4 employees who are each using the Snom 300 handset. These phones are connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and connect to the Internet via the office broadband connection.

Home Worker A is based from a home office in Blackpool and has a Snom 300 handset connected via their broadband connection.

Home Worker B only works from their home on an occasional basis. This user has an Siemens DECT Bundle connected to their broadband router, this user also uses the unit as their home phone via the base stations PSTN interface.

At both locations, each phone has a dedicated UK geographic number (0207 987 6543) which can make and receive calls. Each phone also has an internal extension number (eg. 101xxx). Company employees can call each other by their extensions, transfer calls and any calls between any users are free.